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    "Faux"smobile Valve Covers - As Cast-Chrome Loom

    Our Price:    $390.00AU

    This product was added to our catalog on Friday 03 October, 2008.

    "Faux"smobile Valve Covers - As Cast-Chrome Loom Die cast aluminum construction Separate wire loom, as the original Olds design, with integrated spark plug wire routing Hidden oil fill and PCV plumbing. Oil fill plug and PCV adapters are included Ships complete with all hardware The valve covers are shipped with an �as cast� finish and may be painted to match the user�s engine or may be polished. The wire looms are available �as cast� or triple chrome plated A pair of �OLDSMOBILE ROCKET� decals for the wire looms is provided with the valve cover kit An adapter is also available, at extra cost, to fit the �Faux�smobile valve cover onto small block Chevrolet engines with flange bolt valve covers manufactured from 1955-86.